Brake Rotors

Rotors experience significant improvements from cryogenic treatment. Rotors warp less and dissipate heat better. The change in the microstructure of the rotor allows an increase in pad to rotor contact, an increase in lifetime and a higher resistance to cracking. Now, your brakes will last longer and perform better while improving safety! If you prefer, NitroFreeze can buy rotors locally on your behalf, cryogenically treat them and ship them back to your location. For more information contact with you vehicle specs.


Minimum Order: $75

Brake Price List
Brake Pads $21.00 per set
Single Disc Brake Rotor $50.00 / ea., $180.00 set of 4
Dual Disc Vented Brake Rotor $80.00 / ea., $300.00 set of 4
Hub & Rotor (some pickups, etc.) $110.00 / ea.
Motorcycle Rotors $30.00 / ea.
Large Truck or Speciality Vehicles Call for special pricing

Parts Preparation Prior to Cryogenic Treatment

  • All parts should be clean, disassembled and lightly oiled
  • Do not include seals or gaskets as they may be damaged by the process.
  • Do not send tightened assemblies or torqued components.
  • Package appropriately for shipping.