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Cryogenic Deburring Process

Cryogenic Deburring Process Explained

The cryogenic deburring process uses very low temperatures and polycarbonate media to remove burrs from machined parts. This proven deburring method is especially effective at removing machined burrs from blind holes, through holes, and other hard-to-reach part geometries.

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Deburring Cross Holes

Cross holes can be an issue for many machinists working with plastic materials. As a hole is machined into another hole, burrs will pop up once the tool is removed. While some CNC machines allow you to deburr right on the machine, most do not. Plus, these burrs are hard to reach and are at […]

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Remove Plastic Burrs Created During Machining

There are so many different ways to remove burrs created during machining. Many of the machines in manufacturing facilities around the world today are capable of removing burrs without ever leaving the machine for a secondary process. However, many small parts cannot have burrs removed on the machines they are made on. As a result, […]

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Deburr Medical Implants

Medical implants made of different types of plastic are great candidates for our deburring process. It is imperative that medical implants have their burrs removed before they are introduced to the human body. Medical device manufacturers creating medical implants know how tedious burr removal is. I have had the opportunity to spend time in several […]

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